Album cover art meme

Saturday, 26 Jan 2008

A bit over a week ago or so, I saw this meme:

How to create your album cover:

  1. Your band name is the title of your first hit on Wikipedia’s random page
  2. Your album name is taken from the end of the last quote on this random quotes page
  3. Your album cover must be made from the fourth picture on Flickr’s interesting photos page

For kicks, I clicked the links… and – honestly, on the first attempt and without tricks – I ended up with this combination of a suitably obscure but simple band name, a perfectly album-suited quotation and a stunningly gorgeous, serendipitously fitting photo. All I had to do was go through my list of fonts looking for a warm typeface, naturally ending up with Jos Buivenga’s mouth-watering Fontin, and then obsess a bit over the placement and colouring of the words. The result is quite striking:

A great picture and a great typeface: nothing else needs be added.