Stefano Mazzocchi

Saturday, 19 Jan 2008

Stefano Mazzocchi has slowly inched his way up to be one of my favourite webloggers, securing himself a spot in the list of people whose postings I always make sure to read. I am taking this time to mention him because he recently caught my eye a second time. The first time was during the Google Android kerfuffle, with a really sharp-eyed analysis of a software licensing angle that I didn’t hear anywhere else in the echo chamber. This time, he provides a less startling, but equally fresh licensing-related perspective on the Sun/MySQL deal.

At other times, he writes similarly clearheaded musings about semantic modelling (neither pushing hype nor hate), with occasional dips into user interfaces for visualisation and exploration of data sets, and even a soul-seeking side trip into psychology. To me practically all of his writing is meaty yet easily digestible (both of which in both depth and length) and fresh.

If you have any interest at all in these subjects, go and take a look right now.