Useful GitHub Issues overviews

Sunday, 24 Apr 2016 [Friday, 2 Oct 2020]

I’ve always found the default, easily available views of GitHub Issues inadequate for my purposes. I want to separate issues by the kind of action I’ll want to take, but the interface is fundamentally oriented around a single list of issues, and by default that is just a big dump of every issue that involves you in some way. Luckily all the buttons are just UI over a query language, and the query language turns out to be just barely powerful enough to allow me to get the overviews I really want.

So here are the queries I’ve arrived at. Together they approximate a basic dashboard. Unfortunately there is not, to my knowledge, a keyword in the query language to refer to “whoever the currently logged in user is”, so I cannot demonstrate them as effectively as I’d like: you will have to manually edit them to subsitute your username for mine.

That collection gives me a reasonable handle on everything I need to take care of one way or another, which I could not get from GitHub’s own built in views.

Update: I’ve split the last query, “involves:ap -author:ap -user:ap”, in two. Now it is divided on the source of my involvement as a bystander: myself or others.

Update: I’ve split the first query, “user:ap”, in two, to divide it on the origin of the issue: others or myself. I have also added a link to the issue subscriptions page.