Driftwood in the sea of concepts

Sunday, 7 Mar 2010

Rick Jelliffe:

If they are good ideas they will surface sooner or later. It is not that good ideas always come out on top (i.e., that the status quo necessarily reflects the best) but I do think that good ideas are buoyant: they will keep trying to surface.

This is a greatly put observation, and it sends my mind in so many directions. If we think of the parallel between memes and genes – is this one shared, too, does an analogous phenomenon exist in biological systems? Does this mean that these ideas are inherent or implicated somehow in the structure of the memetic genome? Does that mean they are reflective of the structure of a universal language of some form? And is that inturn merely reflective of our biophysical structure (the way our brains, our metabolism, our genes work) – or might it even imply a form of Platonic idealism?

My head is spinning.