Webdesigners suck

Wednesday, 26 May 2004

The latest craze in webdesign seems to be to reinvent the scrollbar: a long content box is scrolled not by a browser-provided scrollbar, but by hovering the mouse over images (usually arrows) in the page.

Of course, you can’t scroll the content using any of the conventional means. You’re at the top of a multi-page text and want to read the bottom? Tough luck, you have to fall asleep in front of your monitor while the onmouseover script takes you there, one excruciating pixel after another.

What kind of moron was behind this idea‽ Why do people always feel the need to reinvent perfectly sufficient and well established user interface conventions? Has no one found a cure for this retarded not invented here disease yet?

No, you blockhead, your scrollbar arrows are no prettier than anyone else’s, and no, you blockhead, I don’t care that the browser’s scrollbar doesn’t look like your site, and no, you blockhead, I don’t care that you don’t like what my perfectly pretty scrollbars look like.

I just want to read your content. Now there’s a novel concept, isn’t it.