Google rah-rah

Monday, 3 May 2004

So Google is going public and a lot of people are confused or suspicious of their move, in big part because they have set their shares up in such a way that outsiders may get a slice from the fiscal pie, but no say in the running of the company. Well, I don’t think this is very hard to understand: they’ve grown enough that law requires them to disclose finances just like a public company, so have all they same downsides as being public would entail, but without any of the associated benefits. For a company in that situation it seems only logical to make the move they’re making.

And how they’re making it. I for one can only applaud them for stating boldly and baldly that they’re not going to deviate from their own practices despite being public; that they and they alone will decide how the company is run. It’s a breath of fresh air in a corporate climate close to choking. I may turn out to have been naive. This may all be theatre. I know full well that they might just be putting on a charade. But all the rest of the corporate world is barely anything else than charade anyway, so I am consciously suspending my disbelief and hoping that they are indeed worth my respect.

Here’s hoping that I won’t have to eat my words:

Go Google go!