Friday, 10 Aug 2007 [Saturday, 11 Aug 2007]

This night I watched the footage (part 1) of Simon Peyton-Jones’ talk (part 2) from OSCON 2007 titled “A Taste of Haskell.”

I don’t remember the last time was this excited about anything programming-related. This is despite the fact that I already knew I like Haskell, that I already wanted to get into it, that I knew a little about most of the things Simon explained, and that he didn’t go into any one of them in any great depth. But maybe the fact that I didn’t need to make large mental leaps in order to follow his exposition actually contributed to its effectiveness for me.

In any case, if you need me, I’m going over there to play around. But you should be watching Simon’s presentation anyway. (Yes, it’s long. Do it anyway, it’s worth the time.)

Note: the footage has two parts (before and after the break), and blip.tv offers them in QuickTime format as well as Flash video; whereas O’Reilly’s conference site links only to the first clip and offers only Flash. So use the direct links I provided, not the link on the session description page.