Modern day pond scum

Sunday, 9 Jul 2006

Since yesterday evening, a spammer has been using random addresses as the From in his digital turds. I have gotten over a thousand bounces in the last 18 hours or so, coming in batches of 100-200 every 1-3 hours. All of the messages I have inspected originate from US cable ISP addresses – Windows zombies. Based on the fact that I saw about 30 distinct machine names in some 45-odd mails I examined, I would estimate that this zombie swarm must be at least 150 machines strong or so. Maybe it’s much more, maybe somewhat less; I don’t know enough about typical spam wave statistics to interpret my numbers with any confidence.

I can only imagine the amount of crap that they’re shoving down bystanders’ throats at the command of some greedy little dipshit.

At least it’s neither body part enlargment crap nor mortgage scam trash that’s being associated with my property – “just” lies about affordable doctorates.

To everyone affected I can only say I’m sorry about it. I wish I could do anything to stop the flood. May whoever is responsible for it choke on the food they buy with their illicit earnings.