Discontinuous web

Friday, 2 Jun 2006 [Monday, 5 Jun 2006]

Continuation-based web frameworks are the correct answer to the wrong question. If continuations are a solution for you, you have an XY Problem. They are the right abstraction to achieve maximum programmer efficiency when keeping state on the server; but what you actually want to do is to get rid of any state on the server, which is, in a fragmentary nutshell, what REST means. Continuations, it would seem to me, have all the same problems of Service-Trampled REST, only worse – if you haven’t read that article, you really ought to, it’s a most excellent overview of what REST design really means.

Update: Matt Trout comments in email: […] except maybe in the case when it’s an interface to something (e.g. a business workflow) that already has its own state, and the continuation is in the domain model, not the web UI model.