“Kate, when you take a liking to somebody, do you speed up or slow down?”

Friday, 14 Apr 2006 [Sunday, 23 Apr 2006]

Tim Bray:

Our novelty-seeking chimpanzee minds would rather chew through a bunch of tasty little morsels than a full balanced meal.

See also Nerd Attention Deficiency Disorder, Continuous Partial Attention and [d]id crack turn me into an addict, or did I just have an addictive personality […]? In past news: coping with overload.

Kudos to whoever recognises the reference in the title.

Update: Nicholas Carr:

A couple of weeks ago, my 16-year-old son said, out of nowhere, “I wish I lived before there were computers.” I think I know what he meant.

Also check his followup, where he addresses the Bray post I previously quoted.