Even if it doesn’t look cool

Wednesday, 29 Mar 2006

Mark Hurst:

I’ll never forget something I saw last week at the ETech conference. This guy, a very smart technologist, is excitedly demoing his new software, which allows users to fly through hundreds of bitstreams – pictures, RSS feeds, e-mails, calendar stuff, and on and on – in the slickest way possible. He’s pitching it as though it’s supposed to make overloaded users more productive, which it won’t, but at least he’s identified the problem correctly.

And he stands there showing me this demo, very nice guy, pecking out each – letter – on – the – keyboard – with – one – single – finger. And I thought, you just spent a year of your life creating a tool to fly around information more quickly – and yet you could double your productivity by just learning how to type.

Via Paul Hammond.