“But there was a party put on by a player, to celebrate a book authored by other players, with words about how to become players…”

Monday, 20 Feb 2006

Shelley Powers:

A community, which now it seems, must absorb the Nine Champions of RSS 2.0, because they have been banished from the round table that was the RSS Advisory Board. A Board that is no more, created by a man who resigned from it, and who gave up any intellectual ownership of the specification, but still retains ownership of the specification, to wit, making decisions about who is or is not on a board that no longer exists for a technical specification given intellectual property rights by a University that had little or no involvement with the specification, under a license that has little or not applicability to specifications […]

If you lived to see the Great Syndication Flamewars, go read the entire post. The closing is even more beautiful.