Uninteresting personal gripes

Tuesday, 7 Feb 2006 [Sunday, 12 Feb 2006]

There’s one thing that was in Firefox 1.0 which I dearly miss in 1.5: the bookmark folder context menu in 1.0 had a Manage… entry that would open the Bookmark Manager, rooted at that folder. It was immensely useful for people like me who use their bookmark toolbar as a bit of a workflow tool, in the course of which they drag bookmarks around within and between folders on it. The lack of this functionality in 1.5 means I have to invoke the global Bookmark Manager and then awkwardly navigate to the folder in question; and then I still have no way of seeing the content of two different folders at once. All in all, the experience is at best clunky.

Can I be the only one so annoyed? I googled around but didn’t find anyone having written an extension for this. I figure it’d be trivial to write myself, but I don’t have the headspace to devote to hacking Firefox extensions right now. (I’ve done it before – I have all these pieces of mozex strewn all over the floor in my ~/projects –, I’ve just forgotten most of what I knew.)

Grumble grumble.

Update: Michael Strasser writes that there actually is an an extension for it! (The latest version is 0.3, burried a bit down the thread.) This works beautifully.

Following links from the thread, I also found bug #222883. I had tried to unearth tickets about this, but the simple search in Bugzilla flooded me with hundreds of hits, regardless of query, and the advanced search form looks scary, so I gave up quickly.