A show of citizenship

Wednesday, 18 Jan 2006 [Thursday, 19 Jan 2006]

Mark Pilgrim:

To sum up, the “photocasting” feature centers around a single undocumented extension element in a namespace that doesn’t need to be declared. iPhoto 6 doesn’t understand the first thing about HTTP, the first thing about XML, or the first thing about RSS. It ignores features of HTTP that Netscape 4 supported in 1996, and mis-implements features of XML that Microsoft got right in 1997. It ignores 95% of RSS and Atom and gets most of the remaining 5% wrong.

And an excellent further rant:

I don’t think Apple is trying to “break to web” or anything so grandiose. It simply never occurred to them to do this any other way. They view the web as an annoyingly inadequate infrastructure on which to build their latest proprietary network, in much the same way that old-school web designers view HTML as an annoyingly inadequate page layout language. Learning how the web works and going with its natural flow? It simply never occurred to them.

Yes – exactly!

Someone at Apple really needs to read Motherhood and Apple Pie (in all its serendipitous titular irony).