…say what?

Thursday, 27 Oct 2005

Technology Review:

But now executives at Scientigo, a small software maker based in Charlotte, NC, say the company owns two US patents (No. 5,842,213 and No. 6,393,426), that cover one of the fundamental concepts behind XML: the idea of packaging data in a self-defining format that allows it to be correctly displayed wherever it travels.

I hope they don’t forget to assert their claim on SGML, HTML, POD, Markdown, LaTeX, every programming language ever, RFC822/2822, the use of plaintext in email bodies, …

Err, on everything a computer does.

Okay. Now can we please quit amusing each other with this “software patents” joke? I admit it was funny the first two times, but there’s real work waiting to be done.

Via Eve Maler.