Can we tone it down please?

Thursday, 26 May 2005

From Making Wrong Code Look Wrong:

But if you’re so convinced that Hungarian Notation is a Bad Thing and that exceptions are the best invention since the chocolate milkshake and you don’t even want to hear any other opinions, well, head on over to Rory’s and read the excellent comix instead; you probably won’t be missing much here anyway.

From Wall Street Survival 101:

Yesterday, Dan Bricklin was interviewing me for his new podcast, and after a lot of questions about open source, which I’m afraid I answered in a way which will likely cause great consternation to people who think open source benefits programmers economically, but anyway, after all the open source questions, he asked me if I had anything to add.

Yes, Joel, you’re so controversial, and you’re so right. We get it. We get it already.