Just a mirage, after all?

Thursday, 24 Feb 2005

Bruce Perens:

We fought hard for a royalty-free patent policy in W3C and encouraged that standards organization to commit its members to open standards. But some W3C member companies, steadfast opponents of software freedom, moved their efforts to OASIS. Without consulting the free software/open source community, they produced a patent policy designed so that we cannot live with it.

We ask you to stand with us in opposition to the OASIS patent policy. Do not implement OASIS standards that aren’t open. Demand that OASIS revise its policies. If you are an OASIS member, do not participate in any working group that allows encumbered standards that cannot be implemented in open source and free software.

Please send email to open@rosenlaw.com to indicate your support. We will forward your comments to the proper authorities at OASIS.