“Bereft of ability and substance”

Sunday, 6 Feb 2005

Kevin Shockey:

If you’re ever asked to work on ATP reports or write up why something was big-time hosed, here is my recommendation. Put whatever message you are trying to convey in the very first paragraph. Preferably in two sentences or less. […] And God forbid, DO NOT use any information technology buzzwords in your payload paragraph or you jeopardize their comprehension free falling to 0. Remember, simple is as simple does. Hit’em with both barrels right from the start, no matter how good or bad; and keep it very simple.

That makes a user known as rhook wonder:

In point of fact, I find the implications of this method disturbing. There are two possibilities it suggests. One is that we expect and accept that the handful of people in any organisation with the executive power and responsibility to make significant decisions are incapable of making or unwilling to make the effort to digest non-trivial text. The other is that the production of written materials like this is an essentially meaningless activity, enterprise carried out on cargo-cult principles, where the quality of material is immaterial, only the act of producing something and being seen to produce something.

Are the corporate and collaborative entitites of the West truly so bereft of ability and substance?