C#: a fitting name?

Tuesday, 23 Nov 2004

From the comments on 5 years C-pound experience:

Captain Irony:

I’ve always found it ironic that in music, C# is one of the most complicated keys to play in …

Rob L.:

In the world of music, the note C-Sharp is the same as D-Flat. I therefore (from time to time) call it Db (I’ve gotten yelled at by people for saying it… I guess they don’t find it too amusing )


D-Flat is not always the same as C#. On even tempered instruments like the piano it usually is but not usually for purely tempered instruments like horns and strings and guitars. D-Flat is smooth, relaxing, and mellow while C# is ornate, fancy, and full of needless technical complications beyond the C-equivalent. Many of the difficulties go away, if you switch to C# minor.

Calling the programming language C-Sharp really does fit the bill.