Windows Vista fonts installer for Linux

Friday, 7 Sep 2012

Windows Vista ships with a set of beautiful Microsoft-commissioned fonts. Fortunately you do not need to be running Windows in order to get them – they are also available separately as part of the freely downloadable PowerPoint Viewer 2007.

The script on this page will automatically download the installer for you, extract the fonts from it, place them in ~/.fonts, and ask Fontconfig to update its font cache. On contemporary X11-based systems that should be enough to install the fonts in your system.


You need to have cabextract 1.2 or later installed. Check your package manager.


Run one of the following commands on the console, as appropriate:

Linux, using wget:

wget -qO- | bash

Linux, using curl:

curl -s | bash

FreeBSD et al:

fetch -qo - | bash

… You get the idea.