Tweet on, tweeter

Saturday, 18 Aug 2012 [Sunday, 19 Aug 2012]

Twitter effectively say quoting a tweet on one’s site as a plain quotation is henceforth outlawed. Idiotic. I doubt they have a legal leg to stand on anyway, but that they would even want to do this is galling just the same. Even more galling to me is that by all I can tell, it appears that even my own tweets would technically be subject to these limitations if I myself chose to quote them elsewhere.

It’s not like I was very active on Twitter in recent times, but this move has completely soured me on the service.

When Twitter killed the ability to see all @-replies from your followees in your stream, even those to people you didn’t yourself follow, my enthusiasm dropped off a cliff. Remember that? As far as I’m concerned, that is when communal Twitter died. A lot of people quit in a huff. I stuck around, though the place was never the same again. Next, the client I was using (which was effectively unmaintained by then but had kept working) fell over dead when Twitter made OAuth a requirement. I never found a replacement both lightweight and inoffensive enough. (On Linux you could find either or, but not both. I have not tried again in a while.) So I’ve stuck around by using just the site, only poking in every once in a while because the site is not a convenient persistent client. My vague intention was to one day make a serious effort to find a new client and get back into it.

So much for that.

And their presumption in wanting to dictate to the world what they are allowed to do with, err, 140 characters of plain text makes me want to neither read nor write anything on Twitter any more.

So I am washing my hands of it.

Update: Hah! Ha ha. Not the reason I am irritated per se, but illustrative nonetheless.